AutoCamping Bobrovnik

Fishing Bastion (Rybářska Bašta) in Vrbno pod Pradědem - Mnichov.

There are two types of fishing offered in the Jesenik region:
1) Trout fishing (P)- where you can fish salmonidae fish - e.g. brown Trout, Grayling, and
2) General fishing (MP) - e. g. Carp, Pike.
The Bobrovnik/Lipova-Lazne Autocamp is located near the river Staric. This is a Trout fishing area. Neighboring trout waters are only 1- to 2-km away.

The fishing seasons are as follows:
- Trout, American Char: April16 to August31
- Aspien, Pike-Perch, Sheatfish: June16 to March15
- Pike: June16 to December31
- Velvet Trout: April16 to November30
- Grayling: June16 to November30
Depending on the region, certain types of fish -- beyond those named above -- are classified as protected species and are off-limits to fishers.

To fish in the Jesenik region, you must fulfil one of the three following conditions:
1) You must be a member of either the Czech Fishing Association, or of the Association of Fishermen in the appropriate country. However, if your country of residence does not have any such association, this condition is waved.
2) You must have a State Fishing Permit (obtainable from the town hall in Jeseník)
3) You must obtain a fishing "card" for the specific area

EXCEPTION: A fishing permit is not required at the Fishing Bastion (Rybářská Bašta) in Vrbno pod Pradědem.

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