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Jeseníky are a picturesque forest covered mountain range in the nodth eastern part of the Czech Republic with its highest peak Praděd (1492 m). They cover an area of 3600 km2 in the districts of Bruntál, Jeseník and Šumperk and border with Poland. More than 740 km2 of the Jeseníky mountains are part of the Jeseník protected natural area. The environment and balanced ecological situation in the Jeseníky region are one of the most favorable for recreational purposes not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole of Central Europe. Chaty pod Pradědem
Obří skály The local and foreign visitors and tourists will not only find Jeseníky an ideal environment for recreational and serious hiking and summer and winter sports, but will also appreciate its caves and waterfalls.
Jeseníky mountains are a skierś heaven in winter. Their reputation as the most snow covered mountains in the Czech Republic attracts enthusiasts of cross country and alpine skiing with excellent snow conditions, ideal terrain, hospitality of mountain chalets and the unforgettable scenery of the winter mountain landscape. From Nízký trough Hrubý Jeseník to Rychlebské mountains and into the mountainous area of Králický Sněžník, lead roads for winter tourists to many ski resorts. Červenohorské sedlo
Rejvíz - Large moss lake Jeseníky mountains offer a wide range of opportunities for visitors of all age groups, parents with childern, serious and recreational tourists, nature enthusiasts, and finally for all those seeking fresh air under a summer sky, the scent of forest and field flowers, the harmony of deep forests and crystal clear water of rivers and streams. Every visitor will find his favorite places in Jeseníky, to which he would like to come back again.
Jeseníky are not just a mountain range. Its inhabitants settled in the valleys and at the slopes of the mountains where they, from the 13th century were estabilishing vilages and towns which create a personified atmosphere by the architecture of their monuments, cultivated landscapes and a year round offer of diverse cultural experiences.Interier chaty na Rejvízu

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